Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hydraulic System Cleanliness

The cleanliness of a hydraulic system on mobile equipment is as important as the care of the engine and chassis oils. Contamination in a hydraulic system will wear pumps, valves and cylinders prematurely. The accumulation of particles will wear the system. This in turn will breed more wear and shorten service life.Sources of contamination could be some residual left in the system from manufacturing or normal component wear, but more likely from the tool circuit, tank breather or fill cap.

Most filters have a built in bypass to protect the filter from rupturing and spilling all trapped particles into the system. If the filter is not serviced, new particles pass the filter and circulate throughout the system.

Water is a contaminant. It can lead to rust in the system and a breakdown of the oil properties. More importantly it will effect the dielectric properties. Other contaminants could be gas content or acidity.

Oil sampling on a periodic basis is a good idea to assure a clean system, as well as regular filter service.

Regular filter service, proper oil levels and oil sample tests will insure a long serviceable hydraulic system. If you need parts such as filters or hydraulic oil, you can order online at our parts & accessory store:

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