Thursday, January 13, 2011

Utility Tool & Trailer, Inc teams up with Versalift East!

Utility Tool & Trailer, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Versalift East Inc. (VEl) as our newest full-range supplier. VEl now has the ability to sell any and all products in our Commercial line as well as take customer requests for new products. VEl will continue to focus on expanding our Commercial line and our customer base by providing our line to any/all customers and as such will be a reliable point of contact for almost all of the northeastern United States.

About Utility Tool & Trailer, Inc.
UTT was founded by Arthur Giersbach in 1935 under a simply idea: to create a line of specialty equipment exclusively for phone and electrical line contraction companies. 70 years later, UTT is a lot larger and whole lot better. Our niche markets now cover military, commercial, utility and service/support industries. Our 78,000 square foot manufacturing, prep and paint facilities house our workforce which averages more than 18 years of service with us.

We've grown beyond anything Arthur probably ever imagined, yet there are a few things we won't change: our spirit of product innovation and our focus on the special needs of niche markets. Our cornerstone of delivering a better line of time-tested trailers and equipment is still at the core of everything we do. It's a pretty simple formula, but it's been working since 1935.

John Weiland
Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing
Utility Tool & Trailer, Inc.

View the complete line of Utility Tool & Trailer on the Versalift East website.

You can also now purchase UTT Accessories 24/7 through the Versalift East Online Store!

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Steve said...

One piece of specialty equipment you might concider to produce is an under bridge inspection vehicle that can operate on cross slopes greater than 8% and grades greater than 6%. California has fracture critical bridges with these features that require costly scaffolding systems to inspect.

None of the UBITs today are certified to these slopes.