Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visibility on the Job Site

Whether it be day or night, having effective visibility on the job site, whether along the road or other areas is essential to the workers safety. Night work has it set of challenges but also with the spring mornings we are having excessively bright sunlight on the horizon when the motorists commence about their day. Work vehicles equipped with the 360 degree amber lights, front and rear amber safety lights and arrow stick lights at the rear are the benchmark of the industry today. Though it may seem to be lit up like a Holiday Season display, in most cases more is always better. Then adding to any unit high conspicuity reflective stripes with bright colors enhances the unit with red-white on the rear of the unit, front bumper areas and then along the sides of the unit adds to the total visibility. Adding to the area of the unit illumination, it appears that the use of LED type lamps and the effective visibility is enhanced to the human eye over the past generation safety lights, thus adding to the visibility. Having all the illumination placed at a normal driver height from a passenger vehicle view point certainly would add that extra part to the safety. Maintain the light systems for optimum safety, when these are not working properly get them repaired in a timely manner to insure your safety.

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