Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drafting and Designing in Today’s Environment

It’s to no surprise that in the past ten years technology has advanced significantly. From computers to cell phones, technological advancements have help save lives, educate students more efficiently, and has helped business produce better products.

Drafting and Design in general has been advanced both virtually and physically. From the days of manual drafting to computer aided drafting, technology has help drafting and design produce more improved drawing that are both more detailed and easier to interpret.

In the recent years Parametric Solid Modeling (3D) has made a permanent impression in the manufacturing field. Designing in 3D has helped with getting products to market quicker, reduced material costs and helped technicians with assembling products on the shop floor.

In the past few years many companies have released their own program of 3D Parametric Solid Modeling. Some are geared towards different industries, ex: Architecture, Electrical circuit boards, Plant design to consumer product design.
Just recently Versalift East implemented SolidWorks 3D design software into their system. With both AutoCAD and Solidworks, engineers have been using both these for production design and drafting.

Many other companies that Versalift East purchases products from have been using SolidWorks for their design software. Reading Truck, Dakota, Knapheide as some to just name a few.

In a recent design, Versalift East used SolidWorks to design a flip up cone holder. By designing this in 3D it allowed the engineer to both reduce the design phase and reduce the need for multiple prototypes to ensure fit and function was correct.

3D design has even allowed the introduction of the 3D printer. A device that can create physical solid objects within a machine that produces a product right from the 3D solid model.

From a drafting board to 2D design and now 3D making its way to industry standard, many business have benefited from this.

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