Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Advantages of Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Evergreen 22 Environmentally
Safe Utility Biodegradable
Hydraulic Oil
The Evergreen 22 biodegradable hydraulic oil, standard in all new Versalift East products, has many advantages other than biodegradability.  Here are a few of those advantages and some observations about the oil’s properties.

  • Although biodegradable, spilled Evergreen 22 should be contained and absorbed as much as possible just like you would do with a petroleum based product.  The difference is that the remainder of the spilled Evergreen 22 can be flushed away with water since it will break down almost completely in a one month period.  Grass that has the bio oil spilled on it will show recovery in a week if flushed with water in manufacturer’s testing.  No need to dig up soil.
  • While biodegradable, Evergreen 22 is not water soluble which is an important quality.  A key function of hydraulic oil is to keep water out of suspension, demulsify, so it can be drained out of the bottom of the hydraulic tank if it collects.  Water in suspension would cause rust in the system. A water soluble oil would not have this key property.
  • Evergreen 22 is designed specifically for high dielectric resistance.  Important when used in an insulated aerial device.
  • Evergreen 22 is a plant based synthetic oil, not petroleum based like mineral oil.
  • Evergreen 22 contains additives such as antifoaming, antirust, anticorrosion,  demulsifier, anti-wear, and oxidation stability to provide long service life.  Just like in any quality petroleum based hydraulic oil.
  • Viscosity index is a measure of how viscosity changes with temperature.   Evergreen 22 has a high viscosity index which indicates lower change in viscosity over a wide range of temperature.  Compared to a leading petroleum based ISO 22 hydraulic oil, Evergreen 22 is actual more viscosity stable (higher viscosity index) over the full range of operating temperature.
  • Pour point is -36 degrees Celsius for Evergreen 22, -30 degrees Celsius for the petroleum based competitor.
  • Testing for Evergreen 22 includes its effects on seal life. Evergreen 22 passed test on Buna, neoprene, and Viton seal material.
  • It is safe to mix Evergreen 22 with petroleum based hydraulic oil if needed.  This also allows you to change your older system from petroleum based to biodegradable Evergreen 22 by dumping and refilling, no special flushing of the tank and lines is required.
  • Disposal of biodegradable oil depends on you local recycler.  Check with them as to whether you should store separately or can mix with petroleum based waste oil.  It all depends on their recycling method.  Don’t pour it down the drain.
  • Price per gallon is similar, no extra up front cost.

In summary, Evergreen 22 biodegradable hydraulic oil has all the good properties of its petroleum based competitors without some of its bad characteristics.  Evergreen 22 can be purchased 24/7 from our online store in quantities of 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum or a 275 gallon tote. Online store website is http://store.versalifteast.com - look for Biodegradable Oils category.

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