Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plastic Composites Co. and Versalift East, LLC Teamed Up

Plastic Composites Co. and Versalift East, LLC teamed up together to offer new chain saw scabbard to our online store bucket truck accessories category.

The lighter weight fiberglass scabbard design improves durability in the field and eases maintenance. The many rivets have been replaced with only two low profile screws positioned out of the way. Screws allow rapid insert replacement in the field when the chain-saw-resistant liner eventually wears out. The holster may be re-used.

PCC also re-designed the scabbard to be mounted both inside and outside the bucket. The Model 400 Polyethylene saw scabbard design provides a intermediate duty plastic backboard and holster while incorporating the new rapidly-replaceable resistant liner. Both the fiberglass and polyethylene scabbards are available on our online store for more information please go to click on bucket truck accessories and view many other products we have to offer. Keep your tools and yourself safe while working up high. Check out the Scabbards today.

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